Pilates classes

We offer a wide range of Pilates training. We have our Studio located in Winterthur to train with us as well as Online Live classes to join via Zoom. There is no easier way to do a Pilates workout. Try it!

Studio Winterthur

We offer Pilates mat classes in groups. Our studio is in the city center of Winterthur. Join our full body workout and treat yourself on a 60 minutes training.

Online Live Class

If you prefer to workout from home we have the right option with our online livestream class via Zoom. Join our full body workout and treat yourself on a 60 minutes training.

What exactly is Pilates?

We are following the BASI® Pilates method

The BASI® Pilates method is founded by Rael Isacowitz and aiming the target of a fundamental training with latest knowledge of body and health in combination with the original theories of Joseph and Clara Pilates. It is a full body workout including and combining body and mind. Our trainings are promoted in German, but any class can be hold with a translation in English, too. Just let us know in advance.
Our studio is located in the lively area Freilager in Zurich Albisrieden/Altstetten. There are parking options (to pay) near by. Easily accessible by public transport.

We have customers outside from Zurich and allover Switzerland, as well as from Germany and Austria as there are no borders with our Online Live Classes. These lessons through Zoom overcome every distance. Our instructions are in German but any class can be hold in English. Just let us know in advance!

Why is Pilates so helpful?

  • Pilates strengthens the body’s deep-lying muscles
  • Pilates balances strength and agility
  • Pilates improves posture
  • Pilates helps with back pain
  • Pilates improves balance, coordination and circulation
  • Pilates increases body awareness – you use your body more effectively
  • Pilates is a safe and effective full body workout
  • Pilates supports in movements of your daily life
  • Pilates is successful as rehabilitation after injuries

Pilates pre- and postnatal

If you are interested in a pre- or postnatal Pilates class, please write us an email. There are currently no classes running on a regual basis but we are happy to add them to our schedule on request (min. 3 participants).

Pilates ist für everyone.

The Pilates training balances body and mind and I feel strong and inspired afterwards.

Irene, Online Pilates participant

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