Online Live Class

Pilates Online Class

We offer an Online Livestream training if you prefer to train from home instead of coming to our Studio in Winterthur. We guarantee a high quality training through Zoom.

Give it a try and enjoy the group dynamic even though you are in your own home and training from distance. You can start your workout directly after working in your Home Office and safe time on travelling.

Pilates class from home – no matter where you are

You need an internet-enabled device such as laptop or smartphone/tablet for the training, a mat and comfortable clothes.

If you have never done this way of training before we encourage you to try it. It opens new oportunities and an experience you might want to be part of your life.

Pilates with „Zoom“

Zoom Video Communications is a software for video conferences which we use successfully for our online livestream trainings. You don’t have to register with Zoom, you only need to download the free application. We recommend you to install the app already before the day of training, to be ready and prepared when the class starts. Please find the link to Zoom here: We will send you the link to the Pilates class after you have booked your class and settled the payment.

Our instructor


Sandra is following her passion as a certified BASI® Pilates mat instructor. Her lessons are shaped with a lot of joy and she fills them with her positive energy and a smile that can be contagious. As much as she likes Pilates and fitness there is travelling on the other hand as her passion, too. Attracted by the adventure of exploring new countries and cultures she profits from her language skills and loves the exchange with new people.

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